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The Ten Largest banks in Spain by Total Assets

All figures in Euros. Assets values listed are Worldwide Assets.

This page also include a brief list of mergers that have happened in the Spain since the world financial crisis started in 2007.

1 Banco Santander – €1281 billion

Figure above includes assets of Banesto. Banesto is now 100% owned by Banco Santander and the Banesto brand will be phased out in Spain.

2 Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria (BBVA) – € 637 Billion

Figures for BBVA includes assets of Unnim Banc. BBVA Group tookover Unnim Banc on 8/3/2012.

3 CaixaBank € 342 Billion

Figures for Caixabank include include assets of Banca Cívica. CaixaBank merged with Banca Cívica in March 2012. Banca Cívica was formed in 2010 by the merger of Caja Navarra, CajaCanarias, Caja de Burgos and Cajasol. In November 2012 Caixabank aquired  Banco de Valencia for 1 euro.

4 Bankia – €328 Billion

Bankia formed in December 2010 by the merger of the of following seven regional savings banks Caja Madrid , Bancaja , Caja Insular de Canarias , Caixa Laietana , Caja de Avila , Caja Segovia , Caja Rioja

5 Banco Sabadell Group €166 billion

Banco Sabadell Group assets include assets of Caja de Ahorros del Mediterráneo (CAM). Banco Sabadell took over CAM in December 2011 after CAM assets had been seized by the Spanish central bank. Based in Alicante, CAM was Spain’s 11th-largest bank by total assets. In 2010 Banco Sabadell acquired Banco Guipuzcoano.

6 Banco Popular Español €158 billion

Banco Popular Espanol assets include assets of Banco Pastor SA . Banco Popular Espanol annouced takeover of Banco Pastor SA in October 2011.

7 CatalunyaCaixa €81.4 Billion

CatalunyaCaixa It was founded on 1 July 2010 by the merger of Caixa Catalunya , Caixa Tarragona and Caixa Manresa

8 Banco Mare Nostrum (BMN) – € 68 Billion

Banco Mare Nostrum (BMN) was formed in 2010 by the the merger of four savings banks : Caja Granada , Caixa Penedès , Sa Nostra and Caja Murcia.

9 Kutxa Bank –  € 67 Billion

Kutxa bank was formed by the merger of three Basque savings banks BBK, Caja Vital and Kutxa in 2011,

10  Ibercaja Banco  € 65 Billion

In November 2102 Ibercaja banco took over Caja3.  Caja3 was formed by the merger of Caja Inmaculada, Caja Circulo de Burgos and Caja Badajoz in 2011.